Studio & Team Sportswear

Dance ‘N Tees can work with you to get your studio or team logo on jackets, t-shirts, tanks, and sweats! We work with several suppliers of high-quality sportswear and art transfers for our own store stock, and we can provide you with the same options, but showcasing your logo.

Benefits of Studio & Team Sportswear

  • Promotes team unity at conventions and competitions
  • A great way to advertise your studio or team
  • Competitively priced to leave room for additional markup – a good option to fundraise for your studio or team

After your initial inquiry, we will reach out to you to set up a time to discuss garment options, and to indicate where to send your desired logo. We recommend that you discuss garments in person at our Schaumburg location so that we can go over the various options that are available in the size ranges you need. We can show you samples of many of the different types of garments available for the size ranges you are looking for.

We will need a large, clear logo image to work with. Starting with a large image allows us to scale the image more easily if you want different-sized logos on different garments, such as a small logo on the front of a jacket, or a large logo on the front of a t-shirt or the back of a jacket. Vector image formats (such as SVG, AI, EPS, AFDESIGN or PDF) are the easiest to work with, but we can work with a large JPG/JPEG or PNG image if that is all you have available. Your logo can have multiple colors, but more than 2 colors can greatly increase the cost of the art fees and the transfers.

After we have determined the garments and the logo sizing required, we will provide you with a quote that includes any art fees, your cost for the garment(s) broken down by size range, the pricing for the logo transfer(s) based on their size, and the labor and tax fees. Your quote will be valid for 30 days.

We will require a non-refundable deposit for any art fees before we start working on your logo transfers. We can begin working on the art for the transfers once you pay the art fee deposit. While we work on that, you can collect your orders from your dancers.

We advise giving your dancers and their families 2-3 weeks to place their orders with you. We can provide you with samples to help your dancers determine their size. These samples may be blank garments or samples from our store stock with our designs. Once you have collected size and quantity information from your dancers we will have you send the complied information to us. We will then provide you with a full itemized invoice for each type of garment ordered. We will require a non-refundable deposit of half the cost of your order full order (minus the already-paid art fees) before we can order the necessary logo transfers and garments. Turnaround time varies depending on the garment: most sportswear can be ready within 2 to 3 weeks of finalizing your order and making your deposit, but some items require a minimum of 4-6 weeks.

Sportswear Inquiry Form

Form is best viewed on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer

We will reach out to you via phone to further coordinate the details of your order

Not a studio owner, but wish your studio or team offered this? Feel free to pass this information along to your studio owner or team coach/director!