We offer same-day sewing and tapping services and next-day sewing, tapping, and pointe shoe dying services.  While every effort is made to offer same-day services, we may be required to ask you to come back the next day or later in the week, particularly on weekends, when our stores may be busier.   We appreciate your understanding and will complete your shoes in a timely matter.

ServiceSame-Day PricingNext-Day Pricing
Ballet Shoe Sewing$8.00$6.00
Pointe Shoe Sewing$19.00$15.00
Tap Shoe Tapping$25.00$19.00
Pointe Shoe DyingNot Available$15.00
Labor fees are doubled for shoes NOT purchased through Dance ‘N Tees.

When sewing pointe shoes, we use domestic sewing machines which are not capable of sewing ribbons or elastics on Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. We are also unable to sew crossed elastic using our machines, as the wings of the pointe shoe prevent us from being able to position the front of the shoe underneath the needle of our machine.

Tapping services are only available to shoes that contain a leather sole.

Same-day service is not available for pointe shoe dying as the dye requires a minimum of 24 hours to fully set and dry after being dyed. Pointe shoe dying services are only offered in black or red. If you need additional colors, we will do our best to work with you, but cannot guarantee the final color outcome.